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Society of St. Vincent de Paul

About Us – Our Mission:

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a lay Catholic organization whose mission is:  To live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, and justice.


We are all about serving our neighbors in need, regardless of race or religious affiliation. When difficult challenges arise – lost job, disability, or unexpected expense , our most basic necessities like food, shelter, medicine, and transportation can become impossible to afford.  Our members offer person-to-person to our brothers and sisters who are in need.

“In every bed of the hospital with the eyes of faith you will see Jesus.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

“If you help the poor and the needy, God will always provide you with the help you need.”
– St. Vincent de Paul

“Your patients need a share of your joy.”

– St. Vincent de Paul

"You will find out that Charity is a heavy burden to carry, heavier than the kettle of soup and the full basket. But you will keep your gentleness and your smile. It is not enough to give soup and bread. This the rich can do. You are the servant of the poor, always smiling and good-humored. They are your masters, terribly sensitive and exacting master you will see and the uglier and the dirtier they will be, the more unjust and insulting, the more love you must give them. It is only for your love alone that the poor will forgive you the bread you give to them."

- St. Vincent de Paul

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