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Music Ministry

Music and singing are very integral parts of any liturgical celebration. Through instrumental music and sung prayer, the community expresses more profoundly its deepest faith, prayers and longings. Our skilled musicians, cantors and different choral groups are tasked primarily to engage and support the assembly’s singing at Mass. Other times, they evoke from us prayers that are beyond words. The primary instrument used is the human voice, supported by the piano or electronic keyboard, to highlight in sung prayer the text of the scriptures and prayers of the day. Some liturgies have the added instrumentation of violin, clarinet, flute, guitars and percussions. Some seasons we add another layer of texture by using hand bells.


The different choral groups in the parish provide leadership to inspire active and full singing participation of the assembly for the different Masses. We have choral groups of various ages and musical styles: the youth choir with its energy and exuberance that move your body to praise; the charismatic choir that awakens the spirit to gaze up in worship; the adult choir with its polished SATB harmonies and polyphonies, singing a wide variety of songs from chants to hymnody to contemporary; the Marian Choir that sings with the Tongan Choir at the Mission Chapel of St. Louis Bertrand; and the two Spanish Choirs that minister at the Spanish Masses. Other Masses are simply led by cantors like the 5 PM Saturday Mass and the 7 AM and 8:15 AM Sunday Masses.


From time to time, any of these choirs may also sing for funerals, weddings, sacramental celebrations and special feast days. Every now and then, the different choral groups combine to present concerts, cantatas and even religiously-themed full musicals for the enjoyment of the community. Some of the choirs also work in collaboration with community choral groups in the area to present sacred concerts by the classical masters like Mozart and Handel.




Christmas Cantatas - presented on the Friday after Christmas during the season of Christmas rather than Advent


Praise and Worship Concert - presented on Pentecost Sunday


Join us!


All are welcome to join any of the choral groups. Musical and singing abilities of choir members vary from beginner to the more advanced. Opportunities are made available for everyone, not only to improve their musicality and singing ability, but also to grow in their understanding of liturgy, the Catholic faith, and deepen their personal relationship with the Lord. Please feel free to get in touch with our Director of Liturgy and Music, Ricky, at (707) 647-7624.


Mass Schedule and Rehearsals


SAT     7:00 PM Spanish Mass 

            Rehearses every Friday, 8:00 PM – 9:30 PM

            Mark de la Cruz & Joel - Directors


SUN    10:00 AM Mass – Adult Choir

            Rehearses every Thursday, 7:30PM  – 9:30 PM

            Sam Regis – Director, Jodene Abuda – Accompanist


SUN    10:00 AM SLB Mass – Marian /Tongan Choir

            Rehearses every Wednesday, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM

            Poncia Jamero – Director


SUN    12:00 Noon Spanish Mass

            Malu - Director / Joaquin - Director / Mariachi Vallejo


SUN     2:00 PM Mass – Charismatic Choir

            Rehearses every Sunday, 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

            Justin El Gal – Director, Sam Regis & Jodene Abuda – Accompanists


SUN     5:00 PM Mass – Youth Choir

            Rehearses ever Sunday, 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

            Dan-Michael Gemo – Director, Daniel Salinas - Accompanists

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