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The Called and Gifted Workshop

What is the Called and Gifted Workshop?


The Called and Gifted Workshop is meant to help lay Catholics discern the unique work of love to which God is calling them and to discover how God has empowered them to carry it out. To date over 90,000 Catholics in over 110 dioceses have attended the workshop in parishes across North America and internationally learning about the crucial role every lay Catholic has in the mission of the Church to bring Christ’s love to our neighbors and our culture. 


Why should I attend?


Because Christ is calling you, Christ needs you, to bring his love to others in a way only you can do. No one else has your particular background, experience, gifts, and connections. No one else can take your place. Over and over again, long-time Catholics have asked after the workshop, “How come I have never heard this before?” If you are a cradle-Catholic with years of Catholic schooling or have been through RCIA, chances are that you never fully received the Church’s teaching on lay participation in her mission and have never received an opportunity to discover for yourself how Christ is calling you, uniquely and personally.


How do I register?


You can register in a couple different ways. You can fill out a registration form that will be provided after Mass as well as at the parish office. Once it is completed you can mail it to St. Basil's or drop if off at our parish office. Or register online by going HERE.


It will be on Oct. 24th from 9am to 5pm at St. Basil's. The cost is $30, which includes lunch, snacks, and program material.


If you have any questions please call the parish office - (707) 644-8396.


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