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Advent Activities

1. Return to the Sacrament of Reconcliation. We have Reconcliation on Saturdays from 3:30pm - 445pm. 


2. Read a book! This is a great time to pick up some good Catholic reading. Check out some good choices here. Or pick up your bible and read one of the Gospels for Advent. Each day you can read a chapter alone or around the family dinner table. It is a great way to come to know Jesus who we celebrate on Christmas day. Don't have one? Buy one here!

3. Pray as a family around the Advent wreath. Learn the tradition that prepares us for the coming of Christ. Here are some resources.

4. Signup for Advent Reflections each day with Fr. Robert Barron. His reflections are stunning. You do not want to miss out. Sign up here. Or Dynamic Catholic Reflections!

5. Join our Filipino brothers and sisters for the celebration of Simbangabe. Mass is at 5am every morning starting December 16th and continuing on for 9 days.

6. Or join us in the evening of Las Posadas, as our Hispanic brothers and sisters prepare the way for Jesus as the sing of Mary and Joseph's travel to Bethelehem. This is every night at 7pm starting on December 16th.

7. And do not forget, Christmas Masses will soon be here too. We have the following Masses.

December 24th - Christmas Eve

5pm - Children and Youth 

7pm - Spanish

930pm - English

12am - Midnight Mass (Bilingual)

December 25th - Christmas Day

7am - English

815am - English

10am - English

12pm - Spanish

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