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St. Vincent Ferrer

Catholic Church

816 Santa Clara Street

Vallejo, CA 94590



Monday to Friday


Closed for lunch: 1PM-2PM



The mission of the parish St. Vincent Ferrer continues the ministry of Jesus who came to bring the good news of salvation fo the world. Since 1855, this parish has been a light set on a hill in Vallejo. Through the life of this Catholic Parish, the sacraments are celebrated, believers profess their faith, faith is put into action; and a diversity of people in culture, language, origin, and age seek unity, which fosters peace. As stewards, we dedicate our money, time, and personal resources to the mission of Christ.

About Us

Dearest brothers and sisters in Christ, peace be to you!


Welcome to St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church!


I feel glad and honored to be sent to serve the parish of St. Vincent Ferrer.  It is not easy to be taken away from the familiar and be thrust into something unknown.  Indeed, the transfer of a parish priest to another parish evokes mixed emotions, on the part of the one leaving and of those left behind: sadness and apprehension. 


But if there is one that should bridge departure and advent, it is gratefulness:  the departing parish priest as well as the parishioners are to thank the Lord of the Harvest for the gift of priestly ministry, so vital in the sustenance and growth of parochial faith-life.


When the bishop appoints or transfers a parish priest to another parish, he, as the father of the diocese, is always motivated by the pastoral welfare of the people.  And I thank God for this precious opportunity he has given me: to be able to walk with the faithful of St. Vincent Ferrer Parish along the path of holiness. 


We are just beginning our journey together.  Fr. Colin and I, as your new priests, are ready to distribute the good things the Lord has entrusted to us for you. We gift to you our presence, which we promise to be both paternal and fraternal.  We do not claim to have everything and know everything, but whatever we have and know, we shall lay them in loving service to you.  We trust that whatever little we have will, in the course of our ministry, abound and multiply and be fruitful by God’s grace.


We are one big family. It is my fervent prayer that the spirit of sharing and empathy be renewed among us, for this is the essence of being a family.  I, together with Fr. Colin, happily anticipate your joyful cooperation and active participation in all our programs and activities geared towards the deepening of our faith, the strengthening of our family life and the enrichment of our celebrations.  Indeed, your cooperation and participation will be important, even indispensable.  In fact, you, by virtue of your baptism, are called to cooperate with us, your priests, in the exercise of the mission which God entrusted to the Church to fulfill in the world.  So whatever we have, how little it may be, when put together, can yield enormous results, benefitting St. Vincent’s, our parish.


May this, then, be the mark of our Catholicity: the sharing of our talent, time and treasure to the parish and the genuine display of compassion to one another. 


New beginning. Renewal. Let us start off with a strong desire and enthusiasm to foster our parish faith-life. The strengthening of the different ministries. The encouragement of many more members of the parish to participate in parish life.  The beautification and preservation of our patrimony. I know that God will guide us all by His grace as we tread as one family the road of Christian life.


Yours in Christ,


Fr. Vic Teneza


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